Seminar and Workshop "Multilingualism in Research and Assessment in HEIs"

4. bis 5. April 2024

University of Konstanz, Building ZT, Room ZT702

Veranstaltet von
Centre for Multilingualism

Vortragende Person/Vortragende Personen:
ECSPM, COARA members and more

SEMINAR: 4 April 2024

In honouring its role as a member of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment Agreement (CoARA) Multilingualism WorkGroup (WG), the ECSPM is organising a Workshop on “Multilingualism in Research and Assessment in HEIs”. The event is being hosted by the Centre for Multilingualism, University of Konstanz, Germany, directed by Theodoros Marinis.

Given our concern for multilingualism in research and all the activities that transpire in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), the Seminar – on Thursday 4 April – intends to bring together ECSPM scholars working on multilingualism, academics and researchers from other fields, as well as technology and publishing professionals to discuss issues related to: 1) The generation of valid and reliable criteria for the assessment of multi-/plurilingual teaching and learning, research, and academic publishing, 2) Best practices and the development of tools, guidelines, and models for recognizing, monitoring, and supporting multi-/plurilingual practices in HEIs.


Event opening
Isabell Otto (Pro-Rector for Diversity and Career Development, University of Konstanz)


Welcome and setting the context
Theodoros Marinis (Director of the Centre for Multilingualism, University of Konstanz)


Introduction to the CoARA Multilingualism WG initiative
Janne Pölönen (Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, Lead of COARA WG ‘Multilingualism and language biases in research assessment’)


Conditions for multi-/plurilingualism in HEIs
Bessie Dendrinos (ECSPM President)


Research assessment and linguistic diversity: why a multilingual approach brings about higher social benefits
Michele Gazzola (Ulster University)

11.15-11.45 Refreshment Break

Panel discussion: Multilingualism in research and assessment – early stage researchers’ views
Anamaria Bentea (University of Konstanz, Zukunftskolleg)
Gian Maria Greco (University of Macerata, Marie-Curie Alumni Association)
Judit Vári (University of Konstanz, Cluster of Excellence: The Politics of Inequality), Host: Tanja Rinker (Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)

13.00-14.00 Lunch break

Panel discussion: Policies for multilingualism in European University Alliances
Gilles Forlot (Inalco Vice-President for European and International Affairs, EUniWell Alliance)
Tamás Szabo (University of Jyväskylä, FORTHEM Alliance, Co-chair of the Forum of European Universities Subgroup Multilingualism
Philipp Wasserscheidt (Humboldt University Berlin, Circle U Alliance)
Host: Theodoros Marinis (University of Konstanz)

15.00-15.30 Refreshment break

Panel discussion: Internationalising universities and the management of linguistic diversity
Irini Tsamadou-Jacoberger (Vice-President for European and International Affairs, University of Strasbourg)
Jo Angouri (Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor: Education and Internationalisation, University of Warwick)
Luisa Martín Rojo (Director of the Centre for Multilingualism, Discourse and Communication, Autonomous University of Madrid)
Host: Monica Barni (Sapienza University of Rome)

16.30-17.00 General discussion and closing

Dinner at the Constanzer Wirtshaus, Spanierstr. 3, 78467 Konstanz
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WORKSHOP: 5 April 2024

Members of the CoARA Multilingualism WG, including ECSPM, will collaborate to compose a project proposal on multilingualism and language bias in scientific research, publications, and communication to be submitted for EU funding. The agenda of the workshop will be announced to participants in advance.